Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Behind the Times

yes...I admit I am a little bit behind the times which is very strange for me, Ms. Techno Geek.  I tried a blog  a few years ago but never kept it up. It is now floating around in cyberspace somewhere crying, "I've met the same fate as Dana's houseplants!  I should have listened to her husband and ran the other way before she killed me!"  LOL

I'm going to use this blog to show previews of my newest designs, maybe throw out some freebies and highlight my awesome creative team.

we'll see how long this lasts!

Ok....I do have some new designs in the past few weeks.  The first is "Girls Rock" and is available at Little Dreamer and at, where I am a guest designer for July and August. 

My other new release is available exclusively at  It's called Bella but it's not inspired by Twilight.  It is named after my new great-niece Arabella.  She is such a doll!